"The Fairy Diana in the Musical Forest" is recommended for all the family. We have created an interactive musical in castilian, english & in bilingual version in order to give children a very important formation for their future. We spent over 10 years dedicated to educational theatre and audiovisual field in an international way. (U.K., Polland, Turkey). There  are lenguages, music, enviromental respect, arts, mithology, health care, companionship and emotional intelligence. Composed by 6 songs, classical music, rythms and technical elements such video-projections, our play becomes a powerfull and funny experience for reinforce their knoweledge, attention, understanding, imagination, and personal seccurity and in group. It's interactive character and workbook encourage their learning on school subjects such as english, castilian, nature, music... making our musical a unique experience for students before and after its representation. All carried out by an actress and a technician, who creates a magical musical with puppets, dance, mime, clown, etc.


Texto y Dirección: Ariadna Santana


Intérprete: Ariadna Santana


Audiovisuales y Espacio sonoro: José Luis Morales


Música original: Javier León, Enrique Sebastián


Iluminación: Óscar Olivares


Ilustraciones: Fran Martínez


Producción: The Fairy Storyteller


Distribución: 23 Razones Creaciones Artísticas


Vestuario: Paula Ferreirós



Welcome to the magical world. Jupiter wants to destroy the world because the Wicked Witch Pollution induce humans to fill all garbage. "That's why I am committed to clean up ...". Join this important mission along to Diana the Fairy, which will tell you how to save huamnity and environment through the three "R" solution: Reciclying, Reusing, Reduce. Come to sing, dance and laugh to the magical forest! What are you waiting for?


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