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23 Razones Creaciones Artísticas is founded in 2010 as a company that includes self and other people’s stage production, distribution and the provision of services to other areas of performing and audiovisual arts. We are a small company with great projects.

Founded by canarian actor and director Lolo Martín ( aiming to build on stage an own language to communicate with the public and be a mirror of the current society, tackling important themes for people of 21st century. We look for the empathy with the public in every show, we escape from intelectual subjects in favor of emotional and beauty ones in the try of reaching an avant-garde and close theatre which doesn’t get our public indifferent to it. Our art-line is signed by mixing of updated classic plays and emerging dramaturgy, with a team of people in which live together actors, directors, writers, dancers, choreographers, musicians, technicians and poets and where the fusion of areas and artistic concepts is a fixed value.


2015. Me pareció oler... ¡unos cuantos cuentos!. Teatro Bululú de Madrid. (Coproduction 23 Razones-Filiquitriqui)

2014. Que viene Obama, el cabaret político. Teatro Galileo de Madrid. Grupo Smedia. (Self-production)

2014. Oh My God! Microteatro. (Self-production)

2014. Rocky Horror Sing-Along. Cine al aire libre de Conde Duque. Don´t Dream It Producciones. (Management)

2014. Somos idiotas porque es lo más inteligente. Ayuntamiento de Madrid. Martelache Espectáculos. (Distribution)

2014. La vida continúa. Con el apoyo de la Com. Madrid y la U.P. Catalunya. (Documentary)

2013. La mujer X. Teatro Arenal de Madrid. Grupo Marquina. (Self-production)

2013. Kuentaké. Teatro Arenal de Madrid. Grupo Marquina. (Distribution)

2013. Loca Academia de Ingles. Campaña escolar y gira. Ayuntamiento de Madrid. (Self-production)

2013. Viernes 13. Cines Callao. Don´t Dream It Producciones. (Management)

2013. Feliz Navidad Ballesol. Intercentros Ballesol. (Audiovisual)

2013. Rocky Horror Shadowcast. El Sol de York. Don´t Dream It Producciones. (Management)

2013. Fando y Lis. Espacio Cultural La Victoria. (Self-production)

2013. Reminiscencias. Estudio 3. (Coproduction 23 Razones-Código de barras)

2013. El hospital de las verduras. La Usina. La Midolla. (Distribution)

2012. Miss Julie. Teatro Arenal de Madrid. Grupo Marquina. (Self-production)

2012. El hombre que plantaba árboles. Bululú. RGBK. (Distribution)

2012. Loco examen de inglés. Microinfantil. Campaña escolar. (Self-production)

2011. La erótica vida de una histérica sexual. Teatro Triángulo. Dilemek teatro. (Audiovisual)

2011. S: las obras de Shakespeare. Teatro de Hontanar. MBT Espacio Escénico. (Management)

2011. El brazo derecho y el pie izquierdo. Teatro Galileo de Madrid. Gesteatral y Grupo Smedia. (Audiovisual)

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